May 2007


Will the real JD Drew please stand up!

thoughts before work

Dan (NY): People are fogeting if you playoff statistics match your regular season statistics then you ARE elavating your game because you are going against much better pitchers. No starts against bad pitchers.

SportsNation Buster Olney: Dan: agree…

    That is an excerpt from the Olney chat this afternoon.  And no that is not me.  It is another valid point that I have thought about when speaking of "The Clutch." 

     Neyer mentioned in his blog today that the Yankees are trying to void Giambi’s contract in a down season for him.  They didn’t try to do this the past two seasons.

     This could be seen as the Yankees front office collectively being a "hypocrite."  They probably should have kept trying to void this contract since they began to in 04.’  But in 05′ and 06′ he hit well and we didn’t hear anything about it.  Now maybe he isn’t using the juice anymore and the Yankees have heard whispers or something.  Maybe that is why they are trying to void it.  Maybe this year’s Giambi was the way he was always supposed to perform. 

     Hopefully, the Red Sox can play well and take two out of three (or more) from the Yankees starting tonight.  They can really separate themselves from the rest of the AL East if they do so. 

Daily thoughts about stuff

     I have to say.  I enjoy some folk.  As well as some Indie.  Alternative too.  So it isn’t the genre that turns me away from the band "Wilco."  After all I have around five burned discs by them.  I even saw them in concert at the "House of Blues" with a few friends.  The only song I enjoyed at the concert however was their cover of "Don’t Fear the Reaper," which was performed very well.  They actually did not play the only original song they perform that I enjoy.  It isn’t that I dislike them, I just find them rather boring.  So I will not pick up their new album which Rolling Stone has given four stars.

     I very much want to watch this game.  I can’t see the movement on any of Matsusaka’s pitches.  He more than any other pitcher on the Red Sox, needs to be watched rather than listened to.  But 3-0 Sox. 

Audio Dice-K

Well because TBS doesn’t feel like showing this particular Braves game and instead are running another airing of "Serendipity," I am listening to the game.  Youkilis just went deep though. 

MLB really needs to do something about this.  I mean if TBS has the rights to it, that is fine.  But if they are not going to show it then they should give written consent to MLB, that they can use it.  MLB needs to take the first action to make this happen though.  Same situation with FOX, if they aren’t going to show a game in a certain area then MLB should be able to show them.  Now it isn’t on at all!  That makes a lot of sense (sarcasm). 

Kevin Youkilis

If Kevin Youkilis comes anywhere close to this production throughout the season, then he is a huge, huge asset.  He is getting on base all the time, plays solid D as far as I can see, and has the intensity and desire that we want every player to have.  Guys like this are hard to come by.

10 games ahead.

The Fielding Bible

     My new book "The Fielding Bible" arrived yesterday from  It is written by John Dewan.  Hope I am enthralled by it.  Have any of who read it?  Thoughts?  Opinions?


     The Sox sweep the double header from the Tigers today and take 3 out of 4 in the series.  28-12 now.  9.5 games ahead of the second place Yankees.  Playing great ball right now.  Tavarez pitched well above, not necessarily his potential,  his consistent ability.  Definitely well above the way he performs over the course of a season, or career.  Schilling looked below average tonight.  He wasn’t locating his pitches, and allowed quite a few baserunners.  But he still, after all that, managed to get a quality start, allowing two runs in six innings.  Hinske made a great play to save a run, and homered to win the game.  It is about time he showed some of that "rookie of the year" ability.  I think he is showing everyone that he wasn’t all that good anyway.  But coming off the bench he can still be an asset. 

     Beckett is on the DL and is going to miss two starts.

     Kyle Farnsworth spoke his mind  I really hope that Clemens doesnt become offended by this.  Because Clemens has spoke his mind in the past.  By the way, how do I rename a link.  I wanted to rename the link I posted above as "here." 

    "Baseball Analysts" tried to address my question of "lefties being longer in their delivery than righties."  The one entitled "Sinister Thefts."  Really seems like way too small a sample and only looks at Joe Morgan, the man who had me thinking about it to begin with. 

     Pistons closed at the Bulls series.  As little as I have watched of the NBA playoffs, I feel that I am ultimately cheering on the Jazz.  You know, since I am a Sonics fan.  I like Kirilenko though. 

    Keith Law chat from earlier today.  This is a question asked by some random dude from 

Charlie (Winnipeg): Keithy; answer me this: Buster Olney commented on his blog a couple weeks ago that teams no longer take infield/outfield before games. His contention is that this is the main reason for more throwing errors, missing the cut off man, etc. Do you buy this? Why don’t teams do this? Do player believe they’re above this drill? What should grab for lunch? Sushi or ethiopian for lunch?

SportsNation Keith Law: Sushi. And I think that’s a pretty simplistic explanation. What, guys who’ve been taking infield/outfield their entire lives suddenly forget how to do it?


Well Keith.  I have to say that if hitters stopped taking batting practice then their hitting would suffer.  It would be more drastic a change, but if you stop practicing something and trying to improve on it.  Then you are probably going to lose a little of your ability.  Mentally, and physically. 

     I really wish I could work for ESPN or MLB and just talk and watch baseball.  My day would start off like this:  Wake at 6 AM.  Hit up the Gym for an hour. Then hit the web to obtain as much info as possible until noon.  Lunch.  Then a stint at the pool for an hour.  Then find something to do until I hit the ballpark/HDTV.  That would be nice. 

     Bring on the Braves!

Julian Tavarez gets the win

Seven innings and one run.  Much better than I expected from the T-man.  Okajima and Pap both were dominant to close out the game.  Offense was not that great, but we had Hinske and Mirabelli starting.  Wily Mo struck out in a key situation.  As Orsillo stated, he has struck out four times in six pinch hit at-bats.  The win though it was really matters.  Feel good about tonight, but we will see.

Most talented Sox team?

Before this season started I made a very bold prediction to a coworker.  I said I thought that this Red Sox team might be the most talented team they have ever had.  It may sound stupid to some.  But Listen first.  I am a firm believer that players of today are bigger and better than they were in the past.  I also believe that in this money driven game that it is easier for the teams at the top to put together talent.  I am sure you would all agree on that second statement. 

But really, going into the year we had three potential aces.  We had Wakefield who you knew was going to be average (except he has the best ERA in baseball right now) and Lester who had the potential to be a number 2 starter.  We have the arguably the best closer in baseball as well.

Some said the lineup wouldnt be very good.  I knew otherwise.  We had the best 3-4 in the game.  We addressed two needs with Lugo and Drew.  Now Drew is struggling mightily.  But he is incredibly talented.  Lugo should have been an upgrade on offense and is starting to look like he is.  But I wanted Gonzo.  And I felt that all the other guys in the lineup would be decent.  I mean really Crisp, Tek, Lowell, and pedroia were all decent at worst.  Tek being a great game caller made him above average, even if he hit .240 and got on base at a .350 clip. 

I do not think my statement was as dumb as everyone will think.  I think if one put any Sox team from the past and had put them in a time machine.  Brought them into today’s game to play the 07′ Sox in a seven game series, then this Sox team could win.  The 04′ team would be its biggest challenge in my opinion.

This team has a few weaknesses:  defense being one, the bullpen isnt really a weakness and is performing well, but it isn’t great by any means. 

But if they stay healthy (which is a question every team has) then they can be real good.  I know I am biased but the AL is tough, and I very much think it is far superior at the top than the NL.  The Tigers are really good, Angels have great pitching, Indians have depth and bats, and even the struggling Yankees will be back within reach of the playoff race by season’s end.  Joe Morgan always says that all the teams have weaknesses nowadays.  Is it possible that there are a bunch of good teams and no one team really stands out?  Maybe that is what he sees. 

I mean the Tigers, Angels, Red Sox, Yankees, will all have very good rotations by seasons end.  I mean really the Angels:  Jered Weaver, Lackey, Colon, Santana, and Escobar.  Yankees: Clemens, Wang, Mussina, Hughes, and Pettite.  These rotations may not be way better than the other top rotations.  But look at the talent and potential there.  I believe the Yankees may have the most talented lineup ever.  The Red Sox lineup isnt as talented but gets the job done really well.  The Tigers dont have a great lineup but it is better than average.  The Angels have an average lineup at best, I think, but their staff and bullpen are great.  Some of these teams may not be as balanced as teams in the past, (Rotation heavy or Lineup heavy), But they are very bloated on certain sides of the ball.  Even the Yanks have a great lineup, but a good rotation.  And the lineup will probably overshadow that good rotation even when it gets healthy. 

So I guess what I am saying is that I believe teams of today are better as is.  Not "if" Babe Ruth lifted weights and played in todays game.  But comparing them as is.