The Day Has Gone Away

     -I was watching an inning of the Dodgers-Angels game and got a chance to see Nomar strike out.  Apparently, I missed the double he had earlier in the game.  As I was watching I was also on my computer at the time and noticed that the Brewers were down one run, first and second, top of the ninth, and none other than Joe Nathan was on the mound.  So I flicked it over to that game with hope of seeing a dramatic ending.  The Brewers quickly loaded the bases and Graffanino stepped to the plate.  All he needed to do was hit the ball and he had a good chance of tying the game.  But he failed to do so.  Luckily, the next batter hit a routine fly ball to even the score.  Nathan ended up getting out of the inning with no more damage. 

     So anyway, Morneau leads off the next inning.  The Brewers had come back from a 9-2 deficit to tie the game.  They had one of the best closers in the game flustered and on the brink of a loss just minutes ago.  All of the momentum was in their favor.   But Morneau with one swing of the bat, ends the game, hitting his twentieth homer of the year.  He is good. 

     But I would not have watched this game had I still been relying on MLB.TV.  I wouldn’t have wanted to spend the time watching my computer screen, especially when the game didn’t involve the Red Sox.  "Extra Innings" is superior in every way, at least the way I have everything set up.  If I had a remote for my desktop…well I have a laptop so this is just a pipe dream I guess.  If I had a desktop right next to my HDTV and somehow had a remote control for my computer to switch easily between games on "Mosaic," without getting up every time, then it would have worked out.  But I didn’t.  I had to hook my laptop up to my tv and then get up every time I wanted to do something computer related.  It wasn’t that bad or THAT inconvenient, but this current situation is better, no question.

     I had a chance to watch my first HD game on my own tv tonight; Yankees-Mets.  The Mets played poorly.  It was 4-0 very quickly and that is when I started to watch my first full length HD movie, "The Sixth Sense."  But a quick note:  I really want to find out what type of pitches A-Rod has taken out of the ballpark.  It seems like every one I have seen him hit out, has been off of the fastball.  This is exactly what he launched out of the park tonight.  At least stay away from the fastball in "fastball counts."  And reverting back to the Papelbon debacle, throw something out of the strike zone in 0-2 counts.   Seriously, can someone find this information for me?

     -ESPN is making a film about the Yankees.  What a surprise.  I got to thinking.  Why not make it about the greatest comeback in the history of the playoffs, in any of the four major sports?  The 2004 AlCS of course.  And I already have some of the cast selected.

            David Ortiz played by Michael Clarke Duncan (The giant guy from "The Green Mile")

            Manny Ramirez played by none other than Tracy Chapman.

            Curt Schilling played by the guy in real life that you just cannot stand.

            Pedro Martinez played by Dakota Fanning.

            Bill Meuller played by some random boring dude.

            Bronson Arroyo played by Kyle Snyder.

            Gabe Kapler played by Jason Statham on steroids and HGH.

     Unfortunately, my mind has gone blank and I cannot think of any comparisons that are actually funny.  The concept of casting for this film was much funnier than the end result. 

     -JD Drew led off the game today with a double, he walked twice and scored two runs.  I think he cares…for now. 

     Bonds hit what looked like a routine fly ball out of the yard today.  That is the kind of ball that should fall short*****

     And Manny Delcarmen has been called up to replace the injured Brendan Donnelly.  Can he show us the rave reviews he was getting before he ever threw a pitch in the majors?  He is still young, but him pitching well would give us a huge boost in the pen.

     Back to back days where Manny was left the building.  He is a prety good hitter I hear.  And if he heats up then this offense will be fine, as long as Drew does so as well. 

     Schilling and Beckett are going the next two days at Atlanta.  We must take two out of three, at least.  The Yanks go to Colorado.  I hope the jet-lag kicks in and that Rockies offense crushes the ball right through the effects of those humidors.

     -Does anyone know if the steroid policy was released to the public?  Like when the players are tested?  How often?  All that good stuff.



We are fortunate enough (I hope) that with a day off today, the jet lag won’t effect us.

I am a “baseball” fan like you. I love the game. It’s amazing how people can grow up and live in the same area and have a mutual disdain-yours for the Yankees and mine for the Sox. I am 44. My dad always would say to me-why are you watching those bums (Sox). I would tell him I like baseball-I don’t care for the Sox-I love the game. I live in and grew up in the Merrimack Valley. For me it was the Sox games and Fenway or nothing. I don’t regret going to 250+ games there, or the many I have watched on tv. Seeing the AL Brewers,and past and present players on all kinds of teams. Manny on the Indians, Cal Ripken Jr.Griffey Jr. in his prime. Imagine what Griffey’s stats would be had he not been hurt so many years? I was there for Ted Williams day-right behind the Sox dugout-nearly cra$%ed myself when he took the cap out of his back pocket, put it on and tipped it to the fans. Countless Yankee game that I went to. I remember having tickets for the Sox/Yankees games at the end of the year-hoping they would mean something, but we were too far ahead-I did get to see the games and never would have otherwise. I saw Jeff Reardon (then) get the all time save-unfortunately it was against the Yankees. I have a picture of Kevin Mass as he stuck out and Tony Pena heading out to hand the ball to him. All of the Yankees are on top of the Dugout, watching “history” take place. Frank Howard hitting balls during batting practice. So many memories…

Have a great day!

Funny and informative post, Joseph. On the Yankees film, this is “The Bronx Is Burning,” which is taken from the book titled, “Ladies and Gentlemen, The Bronx Is Burning” by Jonathan Mahler. It’s a terrific book and hopefully (I’m not holding my breath) the ESPN mini-series will do it justice. The book discusses the 1977 Yankees and Reggie Jackson’s arrival and turbulent season in The Bronx, but it also covers much more than that–the descent of certain sections of the city, especially the South Bronx and Bushwick in Brooklyn, into chaos from arsons and looting during the July blackout; the amazing mayoral race between social Democratic congresswoman Bella Abzug, Mario Cuomo and eventual winner Ed Koch and how it hinged on the shifting socio-political dynamics of the city; the rise of disco, hip-hop, and the squatters’ movement of the Lower East Side; the Son of Sam murders; as well as the Yankees’ season. I have no idea how much of the social history the film will cover, but it should cover a lot of it. Mahler uses the Yankees as an intertwined narrative to help explain the turbulence of this very complicated city in several areas, and my guess is that the ESPN work will probably cover that stuff only superficially (though probably delving into Son of Sam and the blackout looting as more dramatic than the other events). Honestly, the Yankees have a very rich heritage, and this book rightly was judged as a way to discuss that team that free agency changed and vice versa, and maybe to get into the fascinating history of that period.

As for the Red Sox, ESPN showed a compilation show of the comeback and World Series run of the Red Sox quite a bit after the 2004 season was done–quite frequently. It clearly wasn’t a movie or min-series, but definitely did justice to what the Red Sox accomplished.

I would also add this: I’m sure that some aspects of that team, dubbed “The Bronx Zoo,” would express how dysfunctional the squad was, how Martin was at times out of control, how he and Jackson manipulated the situation, how the generational divide between them showed the differences between the high-profile, egotistical Jackson and the old-school, egotistical control-freak Martin. In sum, it will show the Yankees of that time, at times, at their worst–not exactly a flattering portrayal.

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