Coherent Thoughts.

     Don’t look now but Chris Young’s current season has moved up to 19th all time in single season "Adjusted ERA."  He falls right below 05′ Clemens, 97′ Pedro, and 31′ Lefty Grove.  He is clearly separating himself from Jake Peavy right now.  As Buster Olney pointed out, he has won 5 straight decisions.  The last time he has given up more than three earned runs in a start was April 26th against the Diamondbacks. 

     Another case of timely hitting just not being there for the Red Sox last night.  They scored two runs off of Javier Vazquez.  Now I understand that he is pitching well lately.  But the Red Sox had eleven hits.  They could, and should have managed more than two runs.  The problem with the eleven hits is that they were all singles.  Not one extra base hit in the game.  Manny crushed one into the triangle that was caught.  But outside of that, there was not much power.  Some hard hit balls that resulted in line drive outs, and base hits. 

     As for Dice-K.  Well he looked very good between innings 1 and 6.  In the first he gave up a run, then coasted on poorly hit balls and strikeouts, only to fall apart in the sixth inning.  He ended up walking six batters.  Ridiculous!  I still believe he is good, but he cannot put up Zambrano like figures in the bases on balls catergory. 

     Beckett vs. Contreras tonight.  This better be a win.  Beckett is our "true" stopper.  He is our ace this season.  If they lose this game, then make a trade to shake up the clubhouse. 

     Am I worried?  More so than I was.  But I believe this team is good, I really do.  And I believe the clutch hitting will come around again.  But the offense is struggling so much as of now, very frustrating stuff. 

     The Tigers have the potential to create a dynasty if they make the right moves.  They have so much pitching talent, and if they do not trade them away and sign a few free agent bats within the next couple offseasons, the AL could be in for a tough time.


Hey joseph . Last night’s tirade by your manager may have been the turning point for your Red Sox . Teams seem to feed off of a manager that shows he cares on the field (cubbies , anyone?) . I would give my third testicle up to see Joe argue like that . Francona was angry and collected , wild and measured… a unique arguer I’d say . Umps. clearly missed that Drew HR (not complaining , just saying) , and it was nice to see that Francona and the Red Sox have not thrown out the towel just yet . Ortiz had a left shoulder strain . To some that is bad news , but to me that is a blessing in disguise . Papi clearly needed some days off to see if he can ingrain his machinery right . I don’t know , but the Yankees should be really scared at this turn of events . Pending on today’s double-header result , I say the Sox are about to put the Yankees away for GOOD .

I don’t know if this is too much asking , especially since this is a Red Sox blog , but I’ll ask for your opinion anyways . Do you think the Yankees are stupid personel managers ? I mean , they carry pitcher #13 Edwar Ramirez (one too many , in my opinion) on their team for the last 14 days , an 11 game span , without ever using him . To add insult , they put him into the game yesterday in a CRUCIAL situation when it was a doable 5-0 deficit . Its’s like coming back from the DL without a rehab assignment. True to form , he goes to throw only 2 strikes in 19 pitches , giving up a Grand Slam to Dioner Navarro . And that is not the worst part . They go on to use FOUR MORE pitchers to mop-up what was once a 10-0 tank job . All that with today’s doubleheader coming up , where Kei Igawa and Matt DeSalvo will take the mound . We all know they don’t go deep into the game , and that the bullpen should be at the ready . Can I know your opinion on this ? Mine is that Joe’s incredible lucky run was over way back in ’01 when he brought the infield in in game 7 of the ’01 series . That allowed a the worst walk-off victory in World Series history to happen : a Gonzo Bloop single . Had the infield been playing at normal depth , who knows what might have happened . The ’03 Series was horrible , and sending K.Brownie to take the mound in Game 7 of the ’04 ALCS is by FAR his worst move ever . No wait a second . Sending fastball pitcher J.Vazquez to relief K.Brownie is the worst move ever . In a bases loaded no out situation , no less! True to form Damon (we real hard-core die-hard Yankee fans will always despise him)crushes a cookie to the short porch in right . Joe broke the curse , sorry for not being able to give the Red Sox credit (Chalk it up to bitterness) . Just want to know your opinion .

One more thing . Selley Duncan is a impressive fellow . Wow! He has that Ruthian look going for him . I’m not basing this on any logical analysis , but I feel the Yankees have found a real gem this time .

I’ll remember not to post here ever .
“Shelley” , not “Selley” Sorry . Not that I need to apologize , but whatever .

I had some stuff going on and didn’t respond the first time I read it.

I believe from what I have heard, that the Yankees definitely should not have used all those relievers. I mean Torre is notorious now for wrongly managing pen, and I have seen some of it, but not as much as Yankee fans have, as I do not watch them every day.

I actually heard that the Yankees may trade Proctor for Ty Wigginton. It is just a rumor, but that would thin out the [thin] bullpen even more so.

Definitely . What use do we have for Wigginton anyways?

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