Coherent Thoughts of the Sporadic Mind.

     I am relaxing at Panera before I have to work at 5, absorbing their free internet connection with my internal wireless card.  My internet/cable connection was out, AGAIN yesterday and I called the local provider to come and check on it.  Apparently, however, my apartment complex has discontinued its reliance on this particular cable company.  Thanks for telling me this!  Now what do I do?  I have to reorder the MLB "Extra Innings" package.  I have to pick up the modem from the front office in the morning.  Inconvenience is sometimes avoidable.  Couldn’t someone have given me a heads up so I wouldn’t have any lapse in service?  I have to work the next two nights, so luckily I would not have been able to watch the Red Sox anyway.  But the internet is something that I don’t want to sacrifice.  So anyway, Panera is cool, and I enjoy the food, but I would rather have not paid for food and had to haul my computer up here.  And it is a desktop too, so I had to carry the speakers up, the monitor, etc.  Okay, that would be ridiculous, it is a laptop.  That is why I paid the extra $300 for less performance than the average desktop.  So I could have the convenience of the portable technology they have nowadays.  On to baseball.

     Why, oh why, do the Red Sox want to part ways with Kason Gabbard?  I want to get Eric Gagne.  That would give us three pitchers who are capable of closing on any given night.  A luxury that [no] team will have.  But Gabbard is very good insurance if a starter is injured in any way.  Lester is coming off chemotherapy, and no one knows how he will respond down the stretch.  Schilling is coming off the DL and may have a setback, who knows?  And Beckett has been pretty healthy missing only a few starts this season, but has had blister problems in the past.  Unless they are going to use Buchholz in an emergency than I don’t know how much i like this trade.  Gabbard down the road will probably be a back of the rotation pitcher.  He may be better, and this is just a guess.  But this year he may be needed in Boston.  And to obtain a closer who won’t be closing, who will be our third best option…at closer, may not be the best choice.  Arms in the bullpen are a commodity come playoff time, but we already have as a good of a bullpen as there is right now.  It isn’t like we desperately need another arm.  I know Okajima is a set up man, but he can close as well.  I would rather have Jermaine Dye.  Both would be nice, of course, but I like the idea of having Dye in case Ortiz cannot be the Ortiz of old for the rest of the year, which looks likely. 

     I finished Jayson Stark’s "Most Overrated/Underrated" book last night.  It is a decent read if you want to formulate some arguments with a book.  You usually win as the book doesnt have a rebuttal, just an opening argument.  So heated as I was, I tore the book to pieces and set it on fire, in my head of course. 

     I am staying at Panera by the way, until the deadline ends.  So at least a half hour more.  This is sort of a live "Deadline" blog.  And a "Passing Time" blog, until work comes along.  It is also storming outside making me feel less worthless hovering over my computer for hours.  I tend to do that on a daily basis. 


     The Braves received an impact player today, possibly two.  Not that I necessarily think that Teixera will get them a ring.  Pitching was more of a concern for them.  But he helps, I just think that they should have traded Salty for another inexpensive prospect who they could have locked up long term at a reasonable price.  A catcher who can hit like Saltamacchia can and will bring a lot in return.  If they are going to force him to switch to first base though, it then becomes a different story.  Dotel is [ok] but is nothing special.  I actually commend the Royals getting rid of him, more so than I commend the Braves for acquiring him. 

     I almost wonder if Selig forces the deals to come out right at the deadline’s end.  To ensure that fans of the game stay glued in front of "" for the extra few hours. 

     And so I beleive I have lost a reader because of a controversial blog that I posted recently.  I can’t make everyone happy.  It was a theory and not anything definite.  Other bloggers can take shots at people and as long as they are shots at rival teams then it is ok.  But when I post a [THEORY] it is unacceptable, I guess. 

And Gagne is in a Red Sox uniform.



ok i admit it, i shunned you for a few days because of the a-rod thing…but i’m back. friends again i hope?
so congrats on getting gagne, i really wish we had gotten him but i guess i’ll have to trust cashman on this one ( or should i ? igawa comes to mind)

i definitely agree with you that they probably shouldn’t have given up gabbard. it looks like he might have been really good for you guys for the next few years. seems like they are rolling all the dice to make sure they win it all this year, maybe a good idea. we’ll see, but they do have an aging pitching staff for sure.

hey i’ve been meaning to recommend a documentary that i saw over the off season about the red sox called “still we believe” it’s about the 2003 season. i know what you’re thinking…that i’m only recommending it because of the unhappy outcome that year for the sox, but i’m a documentary junkie and this is top notch. it’s basically about several red sox fans and how they follow the season. everybody that i’ve recommended it to has really enjoyed it. here is a link to amazon if you wanna check it out

later, mike

Here is my take on the deal, we completed 50% of filling our holes and if you ask me, it was the wrong 50%. I do not understand how we didn’t pick up another bat or why don’t we bring Ellsbury back up. Hinske and Mo Pena are absolutely horrible and other teams know that. The worst is when Wakefield pitches because the bottom of our order absolutely stinks.

I am a logical person and I am trying to reason with some of these facts:

1st point: We got rid of JC Romero and Piniero, who weren’t great, but their performance was better then Hinske and Pena, how come these guys haven’t been designated for assignment?

2nd point: Didn’t we just put Tavarez back in the bullpen because he s*cked as a starter? So let me get this straight, we traded for an iffy reliever, when we already have the best bullpen in the majors, and Tavarez is starting today because we traded the Gabbard who would have started today. Just to put the cherry on top, Tavarez wasn’t very good in his last relief appearance!

So what did we really accomplish yesterday? Nothing, the biggest hole is our bench players. Let’s not forget, it was a bench player in 2004 who made it all possible, Dave Roberts. Way to go Sox!

Mike and Jimbo,
From what I read from the scouts, Gabbard is a 4th or 5th starter down the road. They are judging a lot of that on his pure stuff of course. Who knows how long he will be deceptive. But it was the rotation depth that I am going to miss. As you mentioned Jimbo, Gabbard would have been starting tonight and now we have Tavarez going. So that doesn’t make me feel good. This trade may cost us a game in the standings and hopefully Gagne will be able to make up for that. Also, if anyone gets hurt they better bring up Buchholz. Tavarez is not a reliable starter down the stretch, and I think Clay will be better off right now. And yes, I would have rather obtained Dye than Gagne. Although realistically we could have gotten both.

Mike, I will check out that documentary. Thanks.

One more thing Jimbo, another decent thing is that Gabbard will be our fifth starter in the future if he cracks the rotation, so with that said, he is replacable, I just don’t know that he is replaceable [this] year. He would have been behind Clay, Beckett, Dice-K, and Lester.

Joseph, I am not so worried about our pitching, that’s exactly why I am still scratching my head at this point.

I watched the game from Baltimore last night and the announcers are knowledgeable on how Pena stinks, if they know, what does that tell you about the opposing pitcher who probably knows. By the way, at the same time the announcers were discussing this, pena struck out with the bases loaded. Then they bring in Hinske to face a cr*ppy reliever and what happens? He strikes out!

What if someone gets hurt other than Drew? Who in the he!! do we have to replace that guy? Vote now to see Hinske and Pena GONE!!!!! These two and Tavarez should have been given away for a player to be named later

Believe me I wanted to add a bat more, but I am one who loves depth in the rotation, especially with Schilling, Beckett, and Lester having at least slight health concerns. I wanted Dye first. And Gagne would have been a nice plus if we could have gotten him too.

I actually believe Drew [WILL} do well down the stretch. And I am in total agreement of Hinske. He reminds me of a left handed Wily Mo. I have no faith in either of them against anyone on the mound who knows how to pitch. But, we have Ellsbury. Which isn’t so bad, if we bring him up again, right?

Definitely, we should bring him up because he did very well a few weeks ago. I bet management has decided to keep him in the minors for more playing time; however, as much as Drew gets hurt, he would get plenty of time.

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