Alex Rodriguez is one of the most selfish individuals on the planet.  He couldn’t wait until Barry Bonds was finished to announce that the outline and terms of his deal were finished?  This was Bonds’ time to shine, it was his floor, and once again AROD continues to self promote at the most inopportune of times.  Bonds has the stage, let him enjoy the spotlight.  Do not take this away from him!  Selfish to the highest degree!



laughing out loud. literally.

Haha, this is really funny.

Updated Las Vegas, Nevada 4:23 a.m.

Former NLF Star, Wife/Waiter Killer and newly indicted armed robber O.J. Simpson

has broken out of Clark County Detention Center. the football great now known as

inmate # NV2648927 was also heard to be furious when the news that A-Rod was inconsiderately ruining his pal Barry’s weekend. rumors were flying around the jail that Mr. Simpson planned to “stomp all over that dudes head” and the like.

Sources are uncertain whose side Gary Sheffield will take in this ugly fracas.

That’s hilarious, Joe. Your biting wit resurfaced at just the right time. Thanks for the good laugh.

If I had to trade to get Miguel Cabrera? I dont know. I’d honestly rather look into FA.

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