The philosophy that general manager’s were supposed to take when dealing with alleged PED users was to buy low.  I understand the philosophy, but do not necessarily condone it.  Anyway, signing a player for 3 years/$36 million isn’t exactly buying low.  And if purchasing human growth hormone to enhance one’s performance isn’t enough of a negative, how about adding in the the fact that the player in reference is a hothead that cannot be good for a clubhouse, tends to overreact, and seems to look for trouble.  And to top if off, he was acquired by a team that will almost certainly finish no better than fourth place in their own division, and isn’t exactly a large market team, to add one more slice of pie. 

     I see absolutely nothing positive about the signing of Jose Guillen.  Make a splash by signing Andruw Jones if you are going to throw this extravagant money at Jose Guillen.  I have heard that they are in the running to sign Jones anyway, but sign Jones and invest the other $12 million into a pitcher, or a few risky pitchers, or three $4 million players.  I don’t know, but signing Jose Guillen just does not make any sense for a team that is in a rebuilding phase.  And if Jose Guillen is supposed to be some kind of mentor in the clubhouse, then the young stars are in trouble. 


agree 100%.

hey joe, is the nats new park going to be a pitchers park as well?

( referring to your comment at heartland)

After very brief research on the subject, I have no idea, nor did even rememeber that they were getting a new ballpark, but its all coming back to me now.

so what do you make of the tigers deal? i can’t fathom why they did it…they need pitching. the last thing they need is another bat. i wrote more on it at heartland, but i’m curious about your take

It makes their lineup very scary, VERY scary. Willis is overrated as far as I am concerned but if he can be around league average it will help a lot. I really want Santana now I know that, if it is for the package that includes Lester.

yeah, i wish i believed in some god so i could pray that the you guys don’t get him. it’s hard to believe that they would give him up for lester and not demand ellsbury. if it goes through i’m guessing they are going to get the sox to eat most of coco’s salary. that should be easily agreed to.

it will be perhaps the most formidable line-up in baseball, but they need pitching in the worst way. i don’t think they should be counting on much from kenny rogers. andrew miller is top notch. i say it’s a bad deal…

but, good…i want the tigers to do badly.

They just named the 3 minor league pitchers that the Tigers included (not including Miller). I am interested to hear exactly what they are projected to be. I will have to wait for Keith Law on that one.

well keep me posted please…i’m not an “insider”

I agree, Joe. It’s also funny that Guillen, the miscreant who got this deal, is also possibly facing a suspension for PED abuse. Much more often than not, you get what you pay for. I have a feeling that Guillen will in fact pay for this one.

Sorry, I meant, KC will pay for this one. Who knows about Guillen.

I’m with you on Guillen, Joe. The Royals have some money to spend, but why spend it on Guillen? Even without the PED list (with Guillen’s name apparently on it) coming out, he’s not worth this money. He’s a pretty good player; not worth $12 million a year and the Royals aren’t a team that has to overpay to get players to come to Kansas City anymore.

joe, you might want to give this a read…i think it’s a very good article:

it’s called the forest for the trees

What if the person never uses again? Are we to hold every former user accountable for the rest of their careers, and have no one sign them?

Ethan Michaels

Well, I wouldnt sign Guillen if I was in the Royals situation. I don’t mind if the player stops using for the rest of their career, I hope that is what happens with all of the past users. But I do feel that steroids help (some dont, because there is no direct evidence, scientifically proven evidence supposedly). So Guillen would probably decline a little if he discontinued his use. I just know that I would probably shy away if I were a GM. In this situation definitely. This is a hothead on a young fourth or fifth place team. Thanks for stopping by.

you’re alive!!
happy new year

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