I Guess This is Fun…

      I typed the name of my blog into "Yahoo Search" and this hit came back. 



that self-pitying egomaniac paul will be green with envy.

This was all I could motivate myself to write about. haha

i’ve been checking out that guy ethan’s blog, the royal rooters after i saw him comment here. he does a very good job; you might want to check it out

there is a show on sabremetrics on the Science Channel this sunday at 9am.
thought you might be interested.

I am interested, thanks. I just don’t know if I will wake up on time. And no I don’t have a DVR or Tivo.

i just re-checked. it’s called “baseball’s secret formula”

To be fair, Win Shares only measure how many wins a player creates for their team, not how valuable they are. And since pitchers only play in a fraction as many games as regulars, they don’t have the opportunity to create as many wins. I agree though, Win Shares is a deeply flawed system.

Ethan Michaels


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