Matsuzaka was fantastic tonight.  I don’t expect a 06′-07′ Beckett like improvement, but I do expect an improvement.  And tonight was a great start!


One sentence blogs won’t cut it, Joe.

mind your own business *******

that was jacka$$

Doesn’t bother me STOP.

I am old STOP.

Pre-internet STOP.

Sent many a telegraph STOP.

Continue format STOP.

Up to you stop, don’t stop STOP.

It takes one to know one!!
I’m rubber and you’re glue; whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you!!!
Nyah, nyahh!!!

Now we’re bloggin’
Joe didn’t get this much action when he wrote a tome.

Hey Joe, just type a grunt with no punctuation and let us fight over it. lol

paul i imagine that it’s these sort of comments that make you so welcome at family occasions. remember last thanksgiving?

How can I compete with a laser-precise wit like that?

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