Gagne Gets a Pass.

     Once again Eric Gagne coughed up a game into his hand, and handed it to another team.  However, unlike some of his failures over the past two years, this time he gets a free pass. 


     Gagne had thrown in three consecutive games and this was his fourth.  Why?  Why would they take this risk?  He had been successful in the past three appearences, but even that is too much.  Four days straight is too much to ask for a pitcher to have success in.  And I really have no idea what Ned Yost was thinking.  Unless he knows that Gagne has some hidden superpowers, which believe me, he doesn’t, then he should have used another reliever.  Yost apparently listened to what Gagne had to say, and basically left it up to Gagne, according to


     This is where a manager must take over.  Rather than listen to his player, the manager must say to himself, “This is the 4th day in a row I am going to use this closer, it just doesn’t make sense.  I must go with someone else.”  But he did not, and Gagne lost the game.  But it was really Yost that cost them this win. 


what about yesterday? :)

What about Gagne yesterday? Well, I see they still won, but yesterday would probably be on him. Although five appearences in six days isn’t all that logical either. And it isn’t like Gagne has been healthy his entire career.

I think we can acknowledge that the Gagne who played for the Dodgers is gone, never to return. The question is, can this version of Gagne have success as a closer throughout the season?

Joe, you’re right on when you say Yost is overworking him. That is never a good thing–particularly in the first month of the season.


I agree, but I think everyone has given up on the Gagne from the Dodgers. I think the Brewers just wanted a short term solution as a closer, so they overpaid, but in return only had to pay for one year. And now they are overworking him for some reason.

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