Tonight I Will Be Watching…


     Josh Beckett vs. Dan Haren on ESPN.


     And casually watching…


     Felix Hernandez vs. Johan Santana via


     Can’t ask for much better in terms of pitching matchups than that. 




can you believe santana gave up a grand slam to king felix of all people…
crazy huh?

haha. that was definitely unexpected. Now Santana can go eight innings, give up four earned and take an L, unless King Felix caves.

oops, didnt realize that only one of santana runs were earned. Watching CASUALLY!

this place has gotten awfully lax…


here’s my baseball report tonight- ben sheets against the braves- went the distance on about 102 pitches-gave up one run and only once got to a 3 ball count. if only he weren’t so fragile…

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