Toasted Oven.

  •  I believed at the time that the Yankees whiffed significantly on not offering Bobby Abreu arbitration.  Brian Cashman’s excuse?  Cashman wanted to be in control of what the Yankees were dishing out for expenses, because they did not have complete control over what arbitration might have been.  But they had an idea, right?  If Abreu accepted arbitration, they would have received a good player, and one year would be very low risk.  And for all that is real, this should most likely be Bobby Abreu’s most productive year down the stretch run of his career.  And since Abreu would have most likely accepted a three-year deal or so elsewhere, then the Yankees would have received a draft pick.  And that draft pick would have offset the one that they lost when they signed CC.  With all the money Cash is willing to throw around this offseason, I have a hard time believing that paying Abreu a few million dollars more than he is worth for a single year would cause much distress amidst the Yankee front office.   
  • However the Yankees signed one of the best pitchers in baseball.  High risk/High reward for such a lucrative deal.  But as of now, Sabathia is among the best arms in the game.  Burnett on the other hand…Go ahead, make that signing.  And NO ONE better defend it until the five years are up, because Burnett could very well pitch VERY WELL in year one and then spend multiple weeks on the DL the next four seasons. 
  • Mike Cameron is an upgrade over Melky Cabrera.  And Cameron would be coming over for one season at a reasonable price for a large market team, simply as a decent stopgap, and an upgrade over the current clientele, until Austin Jackson is ready to take over.  Seems quite logical to me, although Mike Cameron could struggle facing the likes of Beckett, Halladay, etc, more than he did against the Snell’s and Gorzellany’s of the world .  
  • Raul Ibanez gives the Mets another arm to acquire.  A great left handed specialist.  With the three best hitters on the Phillies being left handed hitters now, teams will have even more incentive to bring in an arm that is great at retiring batters that reside west of the plate (from the mound).  Ibanez is better than nothing, however he is a slight downgrade, I believe, from Pat Burrell.  Ibanez has posted good numbers for a while now, but while Burrell is only 31 years old, Ibanez is 36.  There is a large difference there. 
  • The Mets are basically one arm away from being favorites again in the NL EAST, if they aren’t there already.  I am not infatuated with KROD, for I am not infatuated with the overrated save statistic.  With that being said, Rodriguez is pretty good, and is an immediate upgrade over whatever decent at best option that they had in the bullpen.  I like the Putz acquisition even more so though.  If Putz is healthy, and the Mets would know better than I, than they received one heck of a closer.  I guess “set up man” would be more accurate in this situation.  But if they do things right then every night there should be a good reliever available in the most critical of situations, especially since they also obtained Sean Green.  They still need to get to the pen with the lead though, and a starter is a must. 


first of all lets get something straight- brian cashman does not need an “excuse” for not offering arbitration to bobby abreu. he had his reasons which included the very real possibility that bobby would have accepted a 1 year deal–would have gotten a ton of money from the yankees and then easily moved on in 2010 to another NL team for a 2 year deal to close out his wonderful career. i like the guy, but i’m happy to see him go. you of all people should be aware of his declining numbers and your point that next year will be his most productive of his final years is meaningless. yes 2009 will probably be better than 2010 and 2011, but it will probably be worse than 2008. his defense is awful. your basic premise that he would turn down arbitration is simply not relevant in the current market.

i like signing AJ–and will look forward to many years of filthy stuff in yankee stadium and even more so in fenway park.

One more year of Abreu would have been good in my opinion,very low risk. And now they don’t get a draft pick, they simply let him walk away. I assume that he most likely would have declined, and even if he accepted the Yankees get a solid player who gets on base a good amount.

If I was a GM I almost definitely would have passed on Burnett, too much injury history/money/and years. I know it looks good for 2009, but I don’t know how good it will look in 2012. The organization will go on forever…Maybe he proves me wrong though.

a year of abreu for 18 million bucks? no thanks. that would have hampered us from signing pitchers which is what we need. most people don’t think he would have declined joseph. i would have preferred a shorter contract for burnett but atlanta was willing to go 5 , and those guys have to be very careful with their money- some important voices in baseball think burnett has turned a corner in his career maturity wise-and also has learned how to protect his heath ( arm) better. we’ll see. i might have preferred sheets, but even with a 2 year deal, he might have gone in for TJ nest june…

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