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I like that analysis of the Red Sox. Though I think I might have given our farm system an A-.


Let’s face it, there’s no question the Red Sox are the number 1 organization in baseball. Their Ownership deserves an A+, their Front Office deserves an A++++++, and their Major League talent deserves an A+. I think the B+ ranking for minor league talent may have been a BIT generous, but with the excellent front office, that’s only going to improve. And probably by a lot and probably very quickly. It’s so easy to be a Red Sox fan right now, they’ve got everything going for them.

How can you possibly take any such list that places the Marlins at #29 seriously?

As far as I know, and I just found this out, it is about going forward. So I assume that the Marlins having no money at all has something to do with it. Although it still seems a little low.

It was also done before the Marlins’ new stadium got approved, which I’m sure helps their outlook. Retractable roof = games won’t be rained out = more people will come = more ticket sales = more money = better scouting/development and more payroll = better players = more wins = a better ranking on that list.

Good point.

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