Bobby Bonds’ son as a broadcaster?

Yes, Bobby Bonds did in fact have a son, one that played baseball actually. 

I know, sorry to blow your mind with so much information at once.  But it is better you know, rather than to go through life never having known.

Anyway, Bonds, as most of you are already aware, joined the booth during a Giants/Dodgers game last night. 

And the results were…mixed?

Barry is not a likeable character.  Maybe not quite as UN-likeable as say, Javier Bardem’s character in ‘No Country for Old Men.”  And maybe we prefer Bonds to say, Chucky from Child’s play. 

But that is understandable, right?  Bonds is a better person than that of a psychopathic killer.  And dolls that kill, or even talk on their own, don’t exist anyway. 

But really, I could listen to Bonds talk all day about his approach as a hitter.  And his opinion of other hitters’ approaches. 

We are talking about a hitter that has arguably the greatest eye ever.  Right up there with Ted Williams, Babe Ruth, Tony Gwynn, Robinson Cano, Mark Bellhorn, and Jeremy Giambi.

Sorry, I sort of got off topic there…

But my point is, when Bonds talks baseball, I am fine with it.  Especially the hitting part.

But how often will he get off subject?  How often will he annoy and rub viewers the wrong way?

Probably often enough.  Maybe worth a try, though.

But the likelihood it even happens, seems to be slim. 


Here’s a pretty hilarious transcript of Barry being Barry to the media:

I just found it rather sad that he kept repeating – over and over – that he had “invented” his Silas Barnaby personality in a way to sell tickets. That he essentially played the heel to, I guess, Mark McGwire’s face, solely as a marketing gimmick.

Not only do I suspect that Baron Barry von Bondshoven is not that intelligent, I think it’s pathetic even if he did feel the need to play a role to “sell tickets.” He did a lot of things to “sell tickets,” true, including breaking federal law. But playing the bad guy? Nah, I think that just came naturally.

oh i saw most of it…awful. the worst part for me was watching him back in his seats afterwards. his totally phony “polite” applause when the giants pulled ahead late in the game. you could tell if the moment wasn’t about him he wasn’t interested in clapping.

I could maybe see him doing that in his post-MLB career.
But the big problem might have to go to a marketing company and do a study on if the public would respect him as a broadcaster after the tarnished image of him via the drug situation.
A good vibe from a focus group could begin a positive trail to the booth for him .
But right now, he has to get the Government off his back before he can even stride towards that goal.

Rays Renegade

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