Three games at once last night.  With my attention focused mainly on one…

  • Red Sox, 11th straight win:  Discussed my feelings about Drew’s AB over at Fire Brand.  I don’t feel all that comfortable with Drew as a PH.  Something just feels off, like he has a hard enough time getting motivated to start a game.  So pinch hitting feels like a chore to him.  Maybe I am wrong.  But as a pinch hitter, Drew has a .238/.337/.440.  Not terrible in that role, as he still “passes the torch” at the league-average rate, and flashes decent at best power.  And again, the sampling is only 98 plate appearances.  But this is more of just a “feel” observation, rather than statistical.  But anyway, Jason Bay is on fire, Tim Wakefield is on fire, the Red Sox are on fire.  It is great while it lasts, but eventually they will stumble, get hot again, stumble again.  The end result is most important.
  • “Efficient” CC:  99 pitches, eight innings, a mediocre four runs allowed.  Could have been much worse.  But seven K’s to zero walks is a great sign.  But Sabathia has always struggled against the Tigers.  His ERA sits at 4.69 against Detroit, in nearly a full seasons worth of starts: 27.  It is a good sign that Sabathia made Detroit hitters beat him, and they didn’t beat him a sense that they dominated him.  They beat him because the pitcher on the other side of the mound was incredibly dominant, and six hits turned into four runs, something that isn’t going to happen too often.  Not with zero walks anyway.
  • Cardinals beat Braves:  This game was on the backburner down the stretch.  But Kotchman hit a beautiful looking double to right field, a lace, a rope, a bonafide line drive.  For some reason, I was very impressed by that swing, even though he isn’t exactly a great player.  Francouer is still too predictable.  I watched one of his AB’s closely.  And I knew he was going to swing, on I believe pitch 3, before the pitch was thrown.  The only way I felt that he wouldn’t have taken a hack is if the ball was way out of the strike zone.  I literally said aloud, “Anything close and he will swing.”  And he did.  Sure, it was a very hittable pitch, but if it was a slider breaking out of the strike zone, I felt as though he still would have pulled the trigger.  He may be making strides, but he definitely has a lot more room for improvement. 


Something is off with Drew and he is not leaving me with a warm fuzzy every time he comes into the game.


Drew has actually been pretty productive this season, at least the way that I evaluate players (slugging, OBP). But his average is lower, and he hasn’t really done much the last four games.

That Cardinals game last night was so pathetic. Kotchman was 3-4 with 2 doubles and the 1 out he made was with the bases loaded in the 8th. Yunel Escobar made a baserunning error with 2 outs that took the bat out of Chippers’ hand. We walked a pitcher and he scored. Etc, etc. We aren’t playing major league baseball yet, we’re stuck in Spring Training. Tonight the game wasn’t much better, but we got the win on a lucky hit. Overall, I’m not happy with our offense or our lack of professionalism. Before tonight we were 28th out of 30 in defensive efficiency (we have a very talented group of defensive players and with David Ross manning the backstop we should be close, if not at, the top) and 30th out of 30 in baserunning and we weren’t even close to 29th. We’ve been very good at giving the other team free outs this season. I’m kind of fed up. I’ll keep watching as long as the starting pitching stays, though.
I’m currently watching the Red Sox Indians on mlb.tv. I just turned it on. Looks like both teams got strong performances by their starters. Nice to see Julio Lugo in there and driving in that go-ahead run. He sucks, but you love it when people you expect to fail don’t.
By the way, while I’m waiting for The Launching Pad to get up and running again, I’m doing a side project. I intended for it to be more of a reference site, but I’m doing blog entries until The Launching Pad gets back up. http://www.capitolavenueclub.com/ is the URL.

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