May 2009

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Should Manny be able to participate in All Star activities?

After watching PTI, I figured that I would express my feelings
about the subject that they were debating, as pointless as the subject
may be

Manny Ramirez should not be able to participate in the All Star
game.  Sure, the fans are the ones voting.  And sure, his numbers
warrant him being voted in.

But he was suspended.  Yes suspended for a performance enhancing
drug, that unless we are oblivious to, it helped aid his performance. 
Or was most likely used to aid in his performance.

I know it is simply an exhibition game created for the fans.  But
Manny cheated.  And allowing him to play would be a slight disservice
to the “steps” they have taken in trying to prevent another roid’ era.

He will get another chance to redeem himself.  And when he comes
back, if he plays well two things will be going through the minds of

1)  Manny was great regardless, and PED’s didn’t help his performance.

2)  Manny is finding a way to cheat, some undetectable drug that helps him hit a baseball.

And that second one is very real.  Anyone who has been caught will
carry the burden of knowing that everyone who loves the game now doubts
their true ability.

But anyway, if Manny didn’t cheat, he would be playing in this game.  But he did
cheat, or ignorantly took a substance without consulting Major League
Baseball.  Either way, he should continue to be penalized for his
mistake.  Because eventually, Manny will get back on the field and get
a second chance.  One that hopefully will have him playing in the 2010
All Star game.

…Not that Manny really cares to play in the game anyway.

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