Seattle, welcome a great defensive SS.

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  • Seattle and Pittsburgh make a deal: Read a bunch of
    different takes on this.  And a few have the Mariners winning, because
    they ridded of a prospect (Jeff Clement) that really couldn’t catch,
    and was on the outs with the organization it seems.  The Mariners also
    surrendered some arms in the low Minors.  Arms that none of the
    analysts seem to know much about.  The Pirates already have a catcher,
    so what they are doing with Clement I’m a little curious.  Someone
    suggested that maybe they will move Clement for another piece.  So
    basically the Mariners win now, the Pirates could win later.  One
    aspect of the deal that everyone agrees on is that Jack Wilson is
    expensive.  $8 million for a great fielding shortstop, who cannot hit,
    is still kind of expensive.  I tend to let these deals play out before
    passing judgement.  But it definitely doesn’t seem bad for
    either side.  Although I admit, I know nothing about the young arms the
    Pirates acquired (other than that they were probably expendable based
    on quality).   And Ian Snell of course could use a change of scenery.
  • ARod since his rest: .300/.418/.600.  I love bringing this up for some reason…Even though I obviously root for this guy to fail.
  • Cliff Lee a Phillie: This makes the Phillies better now,
    obviously.  But that is the thing about prospects, they may or may not
    swing this deal in the Indians favor.  But for now, the Phillies are
    even better, and the team to beat in the NL, it seems.  Although those
    Dodgers are still pretty good…
  • Victor Martinez a solution?: I wrote a post about this at Fire Brand
    And my basic premise was that Martinez may not be much different than
    Laroche down the stretch, if Laroche is in fact a second half player. 
    And if of course Martinez mostly plays 1B.  V-Mart has really calmed
    down with the stick, and if he plays first, the numbers don’t exactly
    jump at you.  If he catches–mainly–then the numbers do jump at you. 
    But how will that effect the pitching staff adjusting to a new
    catcher?  It may matter, but it may not.  It is a touchy subject, those
    catchers.  I do like the guy though, but surrendering quality for him,
    well, it may just be better to try out Laroche…
  • As for Halladay: I could definitely talk myself into Roy. 
    Definitely.  Especially for a year + the last few months of the
    season.  But the cost will be hefty.  Is it worth it?  Would it be
    worth Buchholz, Bowden and Westmoreland?  Maybe.  Buchholz doesn’t seem
    to be very confident on the mound, in my opinion.  But maybe that
    confidence will be gained.  Bowden is the one player I really don’t
    mind trading right now to make this team better.  But Bowden alone will
    not be enough for anything of significance.  And Westmoreland is far
    away, but has a lot of talent.

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We’re gonna move Clement at first base… that’s the plan. And those A ball pitching prospects look like they have some real upside… who knows we’ll see!

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