Absurdity in Analysis: A JD Drew short.

JD Drew is a good solid baseball player.  Plays defense, gets on
base, and shows some power.  If he played 150 games a season, he would
be even better.

But he doesn’t.

But before I begin this short stint of explaining the absurdity, I
want to apologize for once again helping to exhaust the subject that is
JD Drew.  He is easily one of my favorite topics, and the reasons for
that I have explained multiple times in past blogging lives.

But anyway, in a recent chat, December 14th to be exact, Rob Neyer gave us this little tidbit:

From Dan in CT: “You realized you put J.D. Drew ahead of Mariano Rivera, And another 10-15 future hall of famers, right?”

Neyer:  “Yeah, I realize it. And if Drew plays another 1,000 games, maybe he’s got a future in Cooperstown, too.”

Cooperstown is for the best of the best.  Does JD Drew belong in the same museum as Willie Mays and even a Mike Mussina type?

Absolutely not.

And unless Neyer was kidding, 1,000 games out of JD Drew is
unlikely, and 1,000 games with good numbers is even more unlikely,
seeing how he is 33, going on 34.

If Neyer believes that Drew has a chance to be inducted into the
most prestigious piece of baseball history, Cooperstown, then I suggest
he take a serious look at his qualifications.

Drew has always been torn apart for what he is not: a superstar.  We
all know this.  The guy is not a superstar, he just hasn’t played
enough, and even if he did play enough, his numbers would probably need
to be slightly better in order to achieve “superstar” status.

But he is good, and I don’t blame people for taking that point of view.

But good is not great.  And Drew’s “good” is far from great.

I know, OPS+ of 129.  Even from a corner outfielder, this is really
good.  But The games played and the counting numbers are well south of
what they should be at this point in one’s career.

No, Rob Neyer.  Drew will not sniff the Hall.  And he shouldn’t sniff it even in your mind…

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